Welcome to the Bungalow Cat Gallery

Everyone puts pictures of their cats on the internet. Why should we be any different?

Mason as kittenMason singing

Mason, the handsome "little" stray. He's an "onliest" cat at the moment, which is weird for the Fabulous Bungalow.


The gallery of Bungalow cats who are no longer with us, but are fondly remembered:

Dartagnan Dartagnan older

D'Artagnan, our first kitten - who lost an argument with a car when he was only about 6 months old. (1995)


LokiLoki in snow

Loki, the aptly named trickster, who also lost a car argument. (1995 - 1998)


Loki and Grendel

Loki (on the left), with his brother, Grendel (1996)


Grendel in 2005Grendel in 2007

Grendel, the gentle (& fat) lovemuffin. KO's special boy. (1995 - 2012)


Tiger in 2007Tiger looking superior 2007

Tiger, the psychotic space alien. (1993 - 1212)




Risky, the ultimate alpha cat. (1989 - 2005)

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